Monday, April 6, 2009

How yummy does this look??!

This is our turtle cupcake. Gooey caramel, roasted pecans and chocolate cake! Come and get ya one before they are all gone...


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  2. This looks amazing! I stopped by this afternoon during lunch to ask one of you ladies how long you'd been open and how things are going. My wife purchased a choc/pb brownie and as we were walking to the car everyone of us who got a bite was raving about how good it was.

    My wife and I plan on opening a coffee bar (shop) in Conway in the near future and are currently on the lookout for who will be supplying our baked goods/pastries. Do you have any interest in supplying pastries at wholesale? If so let's talk. My email is

    Good luck ladies with your new endeavor. It looks as though ya'll are well on your way to a successful venture.



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